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Big Cactus Site Problems
  You're probably here because something about the site is not working........ Maybe the images are not loading, or the text is looking a bit crazy. Maybe the audio isn't streaming or downloading so firstly:
  Have you been drinking or otherwise imbibing??? This could be the problem if you have :-)
  If you're not the problem then your browser/computer or plug-ins certainly are, it couldn't possibly be some oversight or mistake I've made, no way :-)

  In fact, I don't know what your problem is but I can tell you how to make the site work fine. Everything I'm about to suggest is standard requirements for really getting the most out of your internet travels, it may take time to download the software but it's well worth the effort, believe me.

  This site works using the Internet Explorer browser.....
go here Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the latest Internet Explorer from the Microsoft site.
  Netscape Navigator users, I got some bad news for you: it will be about a year before I fix all the Navigator bugs. Most pages will work reasonabley well but some, like the Womadelaide site for instance, won't work very well at all. I would not recommend viewing this web site with Netscape Navigator.

  Having troubles hearing or downloading the music??
To hear the streaming audio you need Real Player
To hear the downloaded MP3 you need Winamp

  Depending on how the preferences are set own your sound plug-in, it may try to stream the MP3 in that case, close the player and right click on the MP3 download link, select *save target as* and save to file to disk. You can then continue to browse the site until the file has downloaded to your harddrive...have a listen and put the tune on your playlist for future enjoyment :-)

  There are so many different types of computers, browsers, screen resolutions, sound players: not everyone is going to be happy, but I can assure you the site will work using 800x600 resolution, 16bit colour, and most screen sizes over 14"
  Finally, I encourage people to Report Bugs

    I hope that helps you get the problem sorted, goodluck!


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